NVT and N7 built Mikrofon TOK FM app for Radio TOK FM

“Mikrofon TOK FM” is a lightweight and easy-to-use mobile app targeted at TOK FM radio station audience and presenters. It enables to record own commentaries and suggestions and to send them directly from smartphone to the radio editors.

Every recording (or its part) sent through the app has a chance to be aired during one of TOK FM broadcasts or news program. Content sent by app users can also become a starting point for discussing new topics on-air.

The app lists popular topics that are currently being covered by TOK FM. Users can address every topic by recording a commentary and sending it to the radio editors. What’s more, every user can suggest a new topic that should be tackled by TOK FM reporters.

‘Mikrofon TOK FM’ mobile app is available on iOS and Android, both on Google Play and iTunes.‘Mikrofon TOK FM’ mobile app is available on iOS and Android, both on Google Play and iTunes. More information about the app and app user support on Tokfm.pl/mikrofon.

The app is advertised by means of TOK FM radio station self-promoting ads; additional promotional activities are also planned online.

The project is carried out by Grupa Radiowa Agory (Agora Radio Group) as part of the first round of funding of prototype projects, provided by the Google Digital News Initiative (DNI). The project advances on schedule and in accordance with the implementation plan. More on Agora’s projects financed by Google DNI Innovation Fund on http://www.agora.pl/agora/1,111461,19676184,projekty-agory-uzyskaly-wsparcie-digital-news-initiative.html.

The following technical contractors were involved in the project, as commissioned and upon instructions received by Grupa Radiowa Agora: NVT Sp. z o.o., responsible for creating web application and mobile API; N7 Mobile, responsible for developing mobile app.

“Source agora.pl”