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  • Efficient advertising
  • Up-to-date content
  • Attractive product display
  • More effective sales process


About Wallscreen

Wallscreen is an original, digital signage solution designed from scratch by our team of professional to deliver the best results to you and your customers. It allows you to display virtually any content, on any screen and in any place you like. Thanks to Wallscreen you can communicate with customers quickly and efficiently, while your content is always up-to-date and easy to edit.

Why Wallscreen?

  • Control multiple screens from one place – the app allows to publish content to an unlimited number of devices both locally an around the world. Easily manage groups of screens or individual screens through a web-based central system.
  • Customize your adverts to suit different age groups, customer needs and time of the day. With flexible content scheduling you can decide what content will be displayed, at what time and in what order. Enhance in-store experience and broadcast multiple adversing campaigns simultaneously by customizing screens individually.
  • Intuitive, easy to use interface. User-friendly central content management system allows to change and publish content quickly and effortlessly.
  • Show videos, images, live streams in a format best adapted to your communication needs.
  • Instant content feeds – your message is displayed in real time. This features comes especially useful if you wish to convey information on special offers, price change, rescheduled meeting, pass an important message to your employees etc.
  • With a built-in content editor you can easily compose a message and communicate it to the customers, employees and guests.

Wallscreen can be used to display almost any content, including:

  • advertisements,
  • special offers,
  • description of products and services,
  • in-store navigation and messages to customers,
  • information for employees,
  • information on scheduled meetings and conference room occupancy,
  • information for patients in healthcare facilities,
  • notifications for guests and visitors,
  • information on current agenda and navigation guidance,
  • restaurant menu,

Wallscreen allows you to:

  • inform your clients effectively about special offers, new arrivals etc.,
  • encouraging positive response among your clients,
  • underscore product key features and emphasize the benefits brought by them to the clients,
  • improve customer experience and drive demand,
  • save time and money you would otherwise spend on printing, updating and distributing posters, leaflets and brochures,
  • convey messages to your employees,
  • manage meetings more efficiently,
  • gain additional source of income by selling broadcast time to business partners,
  • gain competitive advantage and strengthen corporate identity.

Areas of application:

  • retail outlets and showrooms,
  • shopping centres,
  • big-box stores,
  • administrative offices and institutions,
  • hospitals,
  • clinics and pharmacies,
  • museums and art galleries,
  • airports, railway stations and bus terminals,
  • restaurants and food & beverage facilities,
  • hotels and reception desks,
  • petrol stations,
  • banks and bureaux de change,
  • fitness clubs and spas,
  • libraries and cinemas,
  • exhibition and trade fair stands,
  • conference and meeting venues.

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