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Product Overview

Due to signal processing is unbreakable connected within regular GSM operator’s activities and being collected throughout GSM/3G networks in most cases signals are collected by probes and formwarded as ASN.1 – encoded data streams for further processing.

Many of the CDRs get duplicated by the probes in the process, because many applications need the same CDRs for performing their business logic.

This increases bandwidth needs and, what’s more important, generates additional costs, because the Operator is charged per each CDR generated by the probes.

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The CDR-Proxy™ receives all the signalling traffic from the probes. No CDRs need to get duplicated, because the Proxy redistributes them to the business applications.
These are the biggest benefits for the Operator:

  • no multiplicated costs for CDRs
  • no bandwidth used for sending duplicated data

Example statistics from a med-size Operator:

  • INAP – 90% of CDRs were duplicated
  • MAP – 12% of CDRs were duplicated

This means that introducing the CDR-Proxy™ caused immediate financial savings from 25% up to 45% (dependent on particular rates per CDR for an Operator). Please note that millions of CDRs are processed each hour by a typical Operator.

What about performance?

Here is the short list:

  • only 2 M-S servers are needed to achieve redundancy and performance required to process millions of CDRs (as for a med-sized Operator)
  • only one server can process all the information
  • active-active configurations are also supported

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