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Product Overview

Service Providers nowadays are aware of the revenue-earning potential of digital content services.

The siloed video, music, apps and other digital content services delivery and management approach often is the scenario that increases the cost of those services deployment and operation as well as complicates the product bundles creation and retards their time to market.

Other challenges refer to the fact that different parts of Service Provider organizations seize the initiative for particular types of multimedia service. And of course many commercial and technical difficulties exist in the content value chain.

The Service Providers need to provide the third-party content partners with robust and relevant office support functions and enable an entire value chain to create profit from subscriber content service transactions.

More Information

To generate the wealth of new multimedia content services offers its Content Manager™ that overcomes the integration challenges of the operator service-layer infrastructure and with third party content owners and aggregators.

Content Manager™ helps to create highly innovative and personalized bundled service offers, keeping the customer satisfaction at maximum level and providing operator product management, marketing, sales and management organizations with detailed reporting and business intelligence insight into new revenue opportunities.


Delivers and manages end-to-end multimedia content services such as video, music, games, apps, ringtones for any type of end user on any wireline/wireless device: featured phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.


Provides subscriber with personalized service view on the device and complete business intelligence and product lifecycle for the Service Provider including effectiveness of services campaigns, product ratings, management of bundles and discounts, as well as optimal promotion mechanisms recommendations per type of service for particular user.

Arranges for multimedia content services consolidation, aggregation, administration and integrating them with 3rd party apps, content supply and overall value chain of the partners as well as with the payment systems.


Content Manager™ has its own embedded streaming technology for video content delivery, where streaming transmission can be adjusted to the speed transfer on the network.

Service Provider and User can design its own layout of the service and can generate statistical reports and user generated configurable criteria-based reports including dedicated ones for mass-campaigns e.g. through SMS or such reports like top products. Content Manager™ is offered from the cloud as well as it can be deployed on the side of Service Provider.

Other features:

  • Support for DRM
  • Universal search engine for products by various parameters
  • 3A Proxy
  • ‘Live’ testing of each launched product
  • Data Export to other applications through CSV, XLS, PDF
  • Full user management and rule-based products administration functions
  • Full terminal management and automated
  • assignment for products
  • Errors handling

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