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Product Overview

Service Provider™ is a single, multi-technology, multi-vendor environment platform for next-generation service lifecycle management that increases Service Provider profitability through shorter time to cash for new services from the cloud or through regular platform deployment in shortest possible timescale available on the market today.

The service innovation and its successful delivery is crucial challenge for any Service Provider.

The marketing departments of the operators constantly work to come up with most fancy and great revenue generation service.

However the particular business case for a new service has to appear as enough powerful to draw the customer attention at first. If additionally it helps to beat the competition then there is a need to arrange this service up and running in the time-to-market mode.

Service Provider™ comes across the challenge of fast service delivery overcoming complexity of the legacy and next generation networks and interoperability of many various elements of Service Provider infrastructure through regular deployment or new service enablement from the cloud.

More Information

Regardless of type of service (Web, IMS, IPTV, Mobile TV) Service Provider™ helps Communication Service Providers become more competitive with new and powerful next generation services.

Its unique internal architecture helps to create, deploy, execute, orchestrate, and manage comprehensive services reducing operational costs and without complex development cycles.

All this is possible as Service Provider™ is based on an easy-to-use mash-up environment and the advantages of SOA architecture that creates competitive edge through shorter time to market for new service offerings.

Additionally combination of Service Provider™ architecture capabilities with the cloud type of service enablement empowers Service Providers to take advantage of fast delivery of on-demand services as a new and major route of time-to-market service delivery.

Service Provider™ basic functions include:

  • user authentication and authorization
  • user management
  • service inventory
  • service fulfilment
  • billing (charging) interface
  • cloud service delivery


Real time service orchestration – with the support of IntelligentSpeed™ Service Activation system of any next generation service can be delivered to the operator infrastructure by Service Provider™ platform and, if necessary, with co-operation with any other relevant 3rd party system to create completely new comprehensive service.

Simplicity – using Services Oriented Architecture Service Provider™ minimizes the operating costs and eliminates complexity of service deployment.

Customer Experience Improvement Service Provider™ enables easy service access, streamlines service delivery and enriches service variety.

Example services available from the cloud:

  • Multimedia portals like Music Shops, VOD & live TV
  • Ringbackt tones creator and editor
  • Anti-Spam
  • Bill Shock Notifications
  • Anti-virus and handset protection
  • Advanced Music Player integrated with Music shop

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