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NVT develops state-of-the-art communication and entertainment solutions that, on the one hand, increase costumer loyalty, and on the other hand, give our Clients an edge over their competitors.

As part of our mobile marketing projects, we orchestrate promotional campaigns and loyalty programs using innovative, interactive user interfaces for both mobile and desktop devices:

  • multimedia services using SMS, MMS, WAP, Java, streaming and video download,
  • sale and management of multimedia content,
  • organizing and managing contests, quizzes, and special offers related, among other things, to DVD and cinema releases, concerts, cultural events etc.
  • developing customer relationship/loyalty programs.


Key features of our SMS and MMS marketing campaigns:

  • personalized message
  • instant and accurate target group identification
  • easy and flexible interaction with the target audience
  • extremely high level of efficiency
  • indicators of innovation and openness
  • measurable effects – precise result tracking, establishing client database

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