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Set-top boxes

Media content distribution.

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We deliver applications for media content distribution via set-top boxes along with payment processing, promotional campaigns and service maintenance solutions.

Set-top boxes are usually supplied by TV and media service providers, however, selected models are sold independently (e.g. terrestrial television tuners or satellite TV receivers).

More advanced set-top boxes allow to play video and music from external mass storage devices (e.g. flash drives), listen to online radio stations and browse websites (after connecting the set-top box to internet).

Depending on its type, set-top box can be plugged into a TV set or another display by means of various connectors: SCART, RCA (composite video, component video), S-Video or HDMI.
Set-top boxes support the transmission of SDTV and HDTV, both pay and non-pay. What is more, some models are equipped with a recorder that allows to record TV programmes, and with VoD services.

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