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If you need a tailor-made software to support your business, you’re in the right place.

Software to support your business

We offer comprehensive custom software development services based on state-of-the-art technologies and latest market trends.

Our tailor-made software always conforms with the highest quality standards. The considerable experience we have gained over the years allows us to build bespoke software that, unlike off-the-shelf software, precisely addresses the needs of our Clients. We know that the market success of today’s companies is largely determined by the quality of adopted IT solutions. That’s why we use our best efforts to deliver cutting-edge software that is not only functional and user-friendly but also constitutes a valuable asset for the company. We believe that our Clients’ success is our success.

We build tailor-made B2B/B2C systems

We provide comprehensive support at every stage of the custom software development life cycle: from business and technical analysis, requirements specification, software creation, hardware delivery and installation, to implementation, testing, product maintenance and post-implementation management. Moreover, we assure full integration of delivered solutions with external and internal systems of our Clients and their partners. Our B2B software is designed to streamline company’s operating activities, increase its profitability levels and facilitate accomplishment of business goals. With our B2B systems you can be sure to receive software optimally adapted to your requirements that will make your business grow.

We surpass our Clients’ expectations

We are eager to share our expertise and assist you in creating software requirements specifications so that the final product is exactly what you had in mind. We draw on our own experience as well as experience of our Clients to deliver perfectly tailored solutions. We do our best to provide a product that is safe, modern, easy to use and equipped with an attractive graphic user interface. Our web and server applications are designed to coincide with individual business needs of every organization. We believe that custom, “out-of-the-box” software is the key to unlocking company’s true potential and achieving market success. Especially nowadays, when more and more companies shift their core activities to online channels. Having the above in mind, we guarantee our web and server applications will earn positive feedback from your customers and give you a competitive edge.

Support and continuous improvement

We offer maintenance of developed systems with a 99.99% uptime SLA and a 7/24/356 technical support with immediate response time. All our custom software comes with professional post-implementation support. What is more, we never stop improving our systems and services. We monitor the market situation and latest innovations on a regular basis, and select the best solutions that we can incorporate into our Clients’ solutions.

We operate across a wide variety of sectors

Over the years, we have successfully implemented over 200 custom software solutions, designed and built for the most demanding Clients on the Polish market, including all telecom operators.

If you’re looking for a software development company that:

  • builds professional, high-quality custom software
  • designs A to Z, comprehensive IT solutions
  • seamlessly integrates developed software with your existing systems and applications
  • applies modern software development frameworks (Agile, SCRUM) for the best possible accomplishment of your business goals

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