About Us

Know our history!

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Familiarise yourself with our history, experience and competences, which will allow you to realise your dreams.

Close cooperation

We pride ourselves with close cooperation with our clients and supporting them every step of the way. Because of that we understand the requirements and needs of our clients so that the finished product can meet them.


Over 500 implemented applications and systems for the most demanding of clients

Management & support

Supporting and maintaining the system and infrastructure within SLA 24/7 model up to 99,99%

Research & Development

We continuously work to enhance our systems and services. We monitor the market and use ours and our clients’ own experiences in order to deliver a product that is tailored to our client’s needs and present market requirements.

Systems and applications audits and consultations

IT industry includes a wide variety of topics, which can be problematic as far as understanding them is concerned. We understand those barriers and offer consultations during which we go through the objectives and actions and we explain ambiguous issues.

Projects & Services
Deployed applications and systems
Maintenance and support in the model 24/7 SLA

Modern, stable and secure solutions

  • 15 years of experience in developing and implementing applications and IT/ITC systems for demanding clients
  • We offer full support on every stage of production, implementation and maintaining software. 
  • Over 200 integrations of various software applications provided by us.
  • Our solutions are open and scalable, malfunction-proof, easy to use, user friendly, graphically appealing and they are able to be enhanced, and have newer technology integrated.
  • We have provided tens of advanced systems and IT platforms supporting main business areas our partners work within.

What makes us different?

Experience and reliability

Vast and various experiences

From telecommunication systems, through e-commerce, CRM, EAS, ML, to Fintech and/programmatic Advertisement.

From project, through development to implementation, maintaining and progression

We provide complex implementation of every stage of application creation and further support during its commercial use.

Research and development

We own our own R&D department taking care of developing new and interesting technology.

Attention to detail and final product

From defining business processes, through interface and application creation we focus on making it possible for the final product to meet all the requirements, be error-proof, stable and easy to use.

Modern work methodology

We work utilizing the latest programming methodology and project management.

Security and continuity within operating systems

Software provided by us is consistent with the highest safety protocols and is adapted to automatically monitor its operation.

We invest in client relations

We partner with known and valued companies that are present on the polish market operating in areas such as:

  • Telecommunication
  • Media
  • Production and product distribution
  • Services

Perennial cooperation with those companies vouches for our professionalism, engagement and the highest quality of maintaining solutions provided by us.