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Intelligent Speed™ simplifies your new project development!
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Are You a service provider trying to launch new services?
How many times have you had to give up because the product was too difficult to implement?

Have you ever been ahead of competition implementing a similar service, or maybe you lose because of delays in the implementation?

Product Overview

Today’s Communication Service Providers are under increasing pressure to deploy their services in the instantaneous mode.

Their customers do not bother about the comprehensive technical aspects hidden behind multi-layered networks architecture and the fast rate of organizational changes on the operator side.

As network technologies, service offerings and charging methods rapidly evolve, a successful provisioning process for the subscriber remains a critical success factor for any CSP today that aims to provide best customer experience and satisfaction for the customer.

The key requirement for a fast multi-service activation that can reduce all operational costs is to have a single solution that provides a service provisioning mechanism that can work across all layers of the network and enable a rapid service deployment.

With the unavoidable growth of variety of the services such architecture should be a highly scalable environment. It should be able to interface and quite often launch various applications, react quickly to changes, manage these changes and respond promptly to actual user resource demands.

More information

At the complexity of 3G, 4G, broadband, CATV and circuit-to-packet services scenarios offers full workflow-based Service Activation product called Intelligent Speed™ that automates the process of handling subscriber orders to activate services and secures the quickest provisioning mechanism available on the market for convergent operators today.

IntelligentSpeedTM is a multi-service activation platform that enables the deployment of multiple services and technologies from one single point of the management.

Across multiple network domains and layers Intelligent Speed™ helps Service Providers
quickly develop, test and deploy particular telecommunication services and services business applications.

With this platform the telco can reduce the costs with a rapid provisioning of the most comprehensive network and infrastructure processes associated with the service creation coming from various application environments.

Intelligent Speed™ manages and stores all information about any interfaced and provisioned system process malfunction.

This highly unique feature prevents from any unexpected revenue leakage in the service provisioning process, because any information about provisioned application operation or task that is not completed is automatically discovered and managed accordingly by the platform.

A special value present in the solution is that IntelligentSpeedTM knows how to handle the individual subscriber attributes in the provisioning process, enhancing the CSP access to control provisioning requests and business intelligence about the behaviour of the subscriber when particular services are provisioned for the subscriber.

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